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Certain WeirdAss Mixing

Title: Certain WeirdAss Blend (demands name – pointers greeting) Author: Rowaine () Summary: Putting together a keen offworld, out-of-universe trip is much easier than simply it looks… particularly with a bit of assistance from a keen alien busybody. Rating: FRM Pairings: numerous, varied, slashed (regarding each other kinds) and you can het Cautions: Au, AR, Jokes, Romance, Smut, and you may some all else tossed for the since the state need they ! Much more getting added because the needed. Author’s Cards: Just before scanning this, delight keep in mind I am borrowing from the bank characters and you may general facts off their respective residents. Do not expect cannon! I am throwing away too many conditions regarding the completely new series (plural) which you can split your hair aside searching for certain semblance of facts. Just match the latest circulate, enjoys a few humor and you may heavy breathing minutes, and enjoy. It is composed much more to have personal fulfillment than anything. Right here there feel no Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s, however the occasional OC tend to body in which I would not figure out the best places to inexpensive somebody else’s off *grin* Disclaimer: Gods, how to start? Why don’t we put a great blanket “I really don’t individual one profile you recognize” into the here. Individuals wanting to nitpick on the hence conglomerates very own and therefore show, please current email address me personally and I will fundamentally add it to my cards somewhere. If the emails and/otherwise universes belonged if you ask me, I would become way of life large and you will clear of statement collectors.

Freshly accredited Brigadier Standard Jack O’Neill (which have a couple of L’s) brushed the tiny dirt motes away from his arm getting a last date, straightened their safety, and you may consumed profoundly. He’d zero interest in political video game of any sort, however, it was that conference the guy did not avoid. Otherwise push-off for the his 2nd-in-Command, Lt Col. Samantha Carter.

An aide exposed the fresh reception home, gesturing your into the the President’s personal office. “Sir, Mr. President will certainly see you today.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Cawlson,” Jack grinned on easily retreating means. Hell, I won’t wanted their employment in spite of how much they repaid myself. Discuss to your-the-employment be concerned!

A different washing breathing. I can do that. I want to accomplish that. Jack strode toward office, closing the doorway safely about him. The guy provided their Frontrunner-in-Chief a crisp salute, losing with the a sloppy parade other people which have a smile. “Mr. President, I’ve just got right back regarding a meeting with the Asgard partners…”

An icy cold beer in one single hands, Jack sank for the their lounger which have a sound. Not even the best produce can make this very day much easier. After every one of the bang-ups, the black marks and you may reports from borderline insubordination, and so they nevertheless promoted your. Against his will, even! Supplied, the guy wasn’t delivering any young, along with his legs was in fact a risk some times. But still…

Particular WeirdAss Fusion

General George Hammond is actually definitely the best commander he would ever given. Therefore the sneakiest child away from a great bitch every so often. He would become dragged straight out of your infirmary regarding SG1’s current FUBAR mission, plaster nevertheless drying out to the his busted left arm, to a casual ceremony throughout the mess hallway.

It absolutely was high viewing Carter’s deal with given that she obtained their campaign to help you Lieutenant Colonel. She it is deserved new honor, and achieving Jacob (and you will Selmak) there’s only the icing to your cake. Rips decrease easily, regardless of if nobody is fearless enough to label Jacob inside it. It absolutely was a father’s prerogative, whatsoever, to find a small weepy more his daughter’s achievements.

One other several people in the cluster stood by particularly doting old uncles. Dr. Daniel Jackson, numerous PhD and all sorts of as much as know-it-most of the, an informed friend Jack got had, did his best to remain at the interest in the towards the-foot fatigues. You would never know they to take on your now, but Daniel nevertheless loathed the fresh army institution. The guy did the brand new consistent happy, particularly for getting a civil contractor roped towards the this loony bin. From the their front side loomed its alien teammate, Teal’c, condition thus extreme and you may upright the guy considered be produced of granite. A terribly smug expression (noticed only to people that know him finest) is actually set completely towards his face when he spotted the proceedings having satisfaction.

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