However, many people are recovering not just from substance abuse but also a co-occurring mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. The holidays can exacerbate those pre-existing conditions, which can make the season more difficult to navigate without the right mental health support. Our busy lives seem to go into overdrive as the year comes to a close. The calendar quickly fills up with deadlines, trips, parties, activities, family events, gift shopping, and much more.

The latter is especially true for those battling a substance use disorder or an alcohol use disorder. Or perhaps for an individual in recovery who may get triggered by the festivities. Maintaining sobriety through the holidays may be challenging, but it is possible with effort, focus, and support. However, it can be especially challenging for those in recovery. Many people ring in the holiday season by drinking to excess, overeating, and engaging in recreational drug use. No matter where you go or who you surround yourself with, you’re virtually guaranteed to encounter temptations, triggers, and other challenges.

Behavioral Addictions And The Holidays

Whatever your relationship with alcohol, or your goals, if you feel you’d like some support to drink less this holiday season Ria Health can help. Our telehealth program gives you access to expert medical support, online coaching meetings, anti-craving medications, virtual support groups, and more—all from an app on your smartphone. Gift giving, decking the halls, and gathering with loved ones are meant to be fun. But the pressures of the holiday season sometimes mean we are consumed with stress and anxiety rather than merriment. We can alternate between feeling spread thin by a packed social calendar, and feeling down if the season isn’t meeting our expectations.

Map out how you can reach success and do your best to stick to it. During this season of love, don’t forget to treat yourself, too. Although the rate of inflation sober holidays in the United States has slowed from its mid-2022 peak, other issues—such as uncertainty over the economy and geopolitical issues—have occupied consumers’ minds.

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Most supermarkets have apple cider – and if you want, you can make your own – but a nearby orchard will likely be your best bet. And if the festivities involve a full menu of turkey, ham and all the trimmings, you won’t want anything too boozy before dining. Morgan suggests flavorful, low-alcohol cocktails “you can sip over starters and several rounds of turkey.”

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If you’ve been misusing alcohol or drugs for a while, your brain may need several months or even longer to set itself right. The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for anyone, especially those struggling with a substance use disorder or mental health condition. While the New Year is a popular time to make a change for the better, waiting to get the help you need is never the best option. To get started on your recovery journey, contact a treatment provider to learn more about your options. All of us need connection and support in our recovery; especially during the holidays. Make your recovery meetings a priority, find time with friends who enrich you, and surround yourself with those who make you feel known and loved.

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Staying sober during the holidays can be stressful, but there are ways to avoid temptation this season. Make sure to focus your time and energy on those who support your sobriety. Be aware of possible triggers during holiday parties or when feeling down over the holidays.

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